Cop Charged With Battery After Grabbing Fellow Officer By The Neck


Sergeant Christopher Pullease, of the Sunrise, Florida, police department, has been charged with battery of a fellow law enforcement officer. The incident was depicted on body cam footage.

As of Thursday, Pullease had bonded out of jail after surrendering to authorities.

The recording first shows the senior officer screaming at a suspect who was cuffed then grabbing a female officer.

In November 2021, Pullease arrived as other officers were trying to apprehend a man accused of attacking people near a convenience store.

Pullease approached the handcuffed man, Jean Simillien, with pepper spray in his hands. Officers then were able to put Simillien in the backseat before things escalated.

“Watch out, (expletive). You wanna play (expletive) games? You wanna get disrespectful with my (expletive) officers? I will remove your (expletive) soul from your (expletive) body,” Pullease told Simillien.

An officer who has been with the force for less than three years then rushed to the sergeant and grabbed his belt to pull him back.

Pullease then turned around, shoving her into a patrol vehicle.

“(Expletive) don’t ever (expletive) touch me again,” he stated to her.

The footage shows Pullease’s hand at her neck prior to going to her shoulder.

Right before the recording ended, Pullease is heard telling officers to turn their body cameras off.

Pullease has also been charged with tampering with evidence and misdemeanor assault.


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