Couple Dies After Tesla Slams Into The Back Of A Parked, Walmart Semitruck


Through a press release, the Florida Highway Patrol stated that a couple from California died in their 2015 Tesla. This was after the vehicle ran into the back of a Walmart tractor-trailer that was parked, on Wednesday.

Authorities say that the two were going southbound on Interstate 75, near the Paynes Prairie Rest Area. Their Tesla exited the highway, went into the parking lot of the rest area, and wrecked, around 2 p.m.

The tractor-trailer had been stationed in a designated parking spot.

The couple, who were 66 and 67, died on the scene. Greenville Fire Rescue had to extricate the two from the car.

No one else was hurt in the incident, and it isn’t clear why the vehicle exited and went through the rest area without coming to a stop.

Because of Marcy’s law, the couple hasn’t been named publicly.

An investigation is continuing.



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