Couple Dies Of COVID-19, Leaving 5 Children Behind


Davy Macias, a 37 year-old nurse, contracted COVID-19 in August while she was seven months pregnant. Her husband, Daniel Macias, was also diagnosed with the virus.

While on a ventilator, doctors delivered Davy’s newborn baby through a Cesarean section. However, she passed away without getting a look at the infant.

Less than two weeks later, after being hospitalized and only seeing pictures of his baby, Daniel, 38, also died from the virus.

The baby was left without parents or a name.

The Macias’s, from California who weren’t vaccinated, died within the last three weeks. They leave behind children from the ages of 3 weeks to 8 years-old.

The grandmother stated that the couple was going to get vaccinated. She believed they caught the virus after taking a family trip to an indoor water park.

“We didn’t see it coming. COVID doesn’t discriminate. It’s the luck of the draw, and it could happen to anybody,” she noted.


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