Couple In Critical Condition After Trailer Carrying Livestock Slams Into Their Vehicle


After a trailer carrying livestock slammed into their vehicle, a couple was hospitalized in critical condition.

State troopers have noted that the trailer was carrying a camel and a dog, both of which died.

Michael Roberts, the owner of the animals, stated that he had just left a store, close to Sand Springs, Oklahoma, around 7 p.m., on Sunday evening. His trailer then became unattached on Highway 412.

Tazah, a camel, and Mike-Mike, the dog,  didn’t survive as they were in the trailer that crashed.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said that Roberts was traveling east with his father on Highway 412. The truck’s trailer then became unhitched, went over the highway, and struck another vehicle head-on.

Troopers noted that the driver of the other vehicle sustained stomach injuries, and his wife sustained stomach and head wounds.

One official noted that there are laws put into place in order to prevent these types of accidents.

“It’s got to be built for the type of hitch that you are pulling. The trailer and the hitch have got to match. It’s got to have chains, and all those things have to ultimately prevent that trailer from becoming detached from the vehicle. So, somewhere along the line, there was a failure in this particular situation.”

Roberts stated that 8-year-old Tazah was a little famous and had a big following.

“We had a long journey to go. We go to different neighborhoods where they are less fortunate and bring smiles to all kids,” he said sadly.

Officials stated that the situation is tragic for everyone involved while extending their thoughts to the husband and wife who were in critical condition.

“Very, very, very sorry. Very sorry this happened,” Roberts stated.

Troopers are still investigating, trying to review how the trailer got separated from the truck.


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