Couple Starved 5-Month-Old To Death, Charged With Capital Murder


After a 5-month-old died in October 2021, a couple from Mississippi has been charged with capital murder.

On March 22, Kendra Beck, 20, and Takoda Miller, 23, were arrested after being charged for the death of the baby. They were placed in custody at the Pearl River County Jail.

Court documents state that the pair intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly starved Kairi Beck. It states that they didn’t provide nourishments that were necessary for the baby to grow or stay alive.

Another child, 19 months old, was discovered to be neglected and abused. The couple was charged with felony child neglect in that matter.

Those charges note that Beck and Miller didn’t supply the toddler with food, clothes, shelter, or medical services. Thus, the child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being were affected.

To add, the abuse is said to have resulted in the child becoming infested with lice, covered in feces, and having an extreme diaper rash.

The two are currently being held in custody without a bond.


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