Couple Sues Korean Restaurant After Dead Rodent Found In Bowl Of Soup


Jason and Eunice Lucero Lee, a couple from New York City, have filed a lawsuit after their food delivery from a Korean restaurant contained a dead rodent.

Documents note that the couple placed an order from Gammeeok on Saturday afternoon. When the meal was delivered to their residence, they began to eat it until they saw what seemed to be a rat in their soup.

The Lees said that they immediately became ill, vomited, and had to get medical attention. They added that they experienced major, critical, and personal injuries, and emotional distress because of the incident.

The lawsuit also notes that Gammeeok had received a C grade in January from the health department. However, the Lees weren’t aware of that when they ordered their meal.

The couple is now seeking to be paid by the restaurant for their distress.


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