Couple Tricks Walmart Employee Into Giving Them More Than $6K Worth Of Items


After confusing a cashier, a couple was able steal $6,400 worth of items and gift cards from a Walmart in Georgia.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office stated that the incident occurred on Nov.30 at a Walmart location in Grovetown.

A man and a woman are accused of taking several items off of shelves and transporting them to the checkout counter. They used multiple credit cards and gift cards to pay for the items with a cashier.

Then, they requested that the cashier press the “cash” button on the register in order for the credit card to work. Thus, the register totaled the items as though cash was being paid, leading to no transactions hitting the credit card.

Police say that the thieves exited the store with close to $3,400 in products and $3,000 in gift cards.

19-year-old Jaylan Griggs, of Flint, Michigan, has been named as the male suspect. The female suspect hasn’t been identified as of yet.



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