Cuddle Therapist Says She Charges $1300 to $2000 A Night For Non Sexual Services


43-year-old Missy Robinson was formerly a fashion blogger and publicist, and just recently started being a Cuddle Therapist.

Missy states that hugging/Cuddling helps “heal the body, mind and Spirit” and that none of her service’s have anything to do with sex. She stated that – ” While there is nothing sexual about it [cuddle therapy], sometimes people do become aroused and get embarrassed, but we just deal with it in a mature way. Touch can elicit these responses, it’s only natural, but we leave it there”.

She also stated that while most of her clients are men, women also request her as well. Just recently she had a female client request her because her boyfriend of 2 years had ended their relationship and she just needed someone to hold her.

Her prices are set as, for a 1 hour cuddle session is $65, and a 2-hour cuddle session with a meal is $195, and for an overnight client that will be held in her arms as the client dozes off to sleep and it’s $1,300.



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