Dallas City Workers Discuss What To Do If Air Conditioning Unit Isn’t Functioning Properly


Many residents in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area have been complaining about their A/C units not working properly as temperatures have reached 100 degrees inside.

Some have reported that they have submitted the issue to apartment managers and landlords, but the problem still persists.

To help with the concerns, an assistant city manager has urged Dallas tenants to call 311 or file a complaint online. The Dallas Code Office is expected to provide a response in 24 hours.

“The law says they’re supposed to respond within a reasonable period of time which is presumed to be seven days,” documents note. It is also important for residents to send notices via certified mail and request a delivery receipt. This is to ensure that evidence is shown that the managers or landlords have been contacted.

Other than that, there are at least three other options to take if one’s air conditioning unit isn’t working. They can terminate the lease and move or sue management for one month’s rent and other fees until the a/c is repaired. Another choice would be to get an outside company to fix the unit and have the expenses taken out the next month’s rent.

If a person moves out, they can still file a lawsuit against apartment managers.

Texas Tenants Union is available to assist those in understanding the laws and procedures in these matters.

“We do Tenant’s Rights education. We try to give them a heads-up in advance on how to maneuver through situations like this,” said Sandy Rollins, the executive director.

Every second Monday of the month, the group holds online Tenant’s Rights Workshops. The next one will be held on August 8 at 6:30 p.m.

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