Dallas Commissioners Extend Shelter In Place Order Until May 15


On Tuesday, Dallas County Commissioners voted to extend lockdown order until May 15.
Tuesday afternoon the extension was approved 3-2 vote by the Commissioners, but many are speculating on whether or not the order will be able to stay in place.
This order was issued on the same day when 90 new cases appeared with 4 more deaths to the toll.
A man from Mesquite in his 60s, a woman from Mesquite in her 50s and another woman from Mesquite in her 90s, as well as a man from Duncanville in his 70s.
Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins had this to say, “The lower number today of new COVID-19 positive cases is encouraging and we will watch closely to see if this is the beginning of a trend downward or a blip on the day we switch reporting to a new database system.”
“#SaferAtHome was extended today for two more weeks. This is necessary to keep you safe and stabilize non-essential movements as we bring businesses like ‘retail to go’ and others back.”
“Safer at home” was told to the Dallas County Legal counsel by the commissioner until May 15 as not to cause a conflict with Governor Gregg Abbott’s order because it will be “beyond the governor’s current order” that expires April 30.
In response to this Governor Abbott said on Tuesday that his “executive orders will overrule countries and that he plans to issue updated orders next Monday.”
The extended date of the lockdown, May 15, was approved by the commissioners, after recesses of health risks, officials urged the country to extend the order until the end of May. The original order was only set until April 30.
Director Dr. Philip Huang of Dallas County Health says he does not believe it will be safe to lift any bands for gathering outside in the county condition until at least May 31.

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