Dallas County Adds Tesla Model 3s to Its Police Fleet


Dallas County has introduced electric vehicles for law enforcement by adding three Tesla Model 3s to its police fleet.

Governments worldwide have started adding battery-electric models to their municipal fleets. NYPD and police departments in Boulder, Spokane, and Fremont are just to name a few.

With law enforcement vehicles logging millions of miles a year and also idling for long periods of time, it drastically reduces the lifespan of the cars. That significant impact on emissions and infrastructure is the relative to the success of all-electric vehicle cars.

In Texas, franchise laws forbid Tesla from selling directly to consumers at its company-owned stores. Instead, customers in Texas must purchase their Tesla online and travel to another state to get it.

Dallas County Commissioners authorized the purchase of the Tesla Model 3 Performance models for a total of $190,320. The police department will keep the cars in its Automotive Service Center as reserve units when the department’s other vehicles are undergoing maintenance or repairs.


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