Dallas Cowboys Kelvin Joseph Cleared in OT Tavern Murder Case


Dallas Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph, who was a person-of interest in a March 18 murder case, has been cleared by authorities.

According to court documents, Joseph was a passenger in a black SUV that was involved in a drive-by shooting outside of OT Tavern in East Dallas. 20-year-old Cameron Ray was shot and killed during the incident.

A month after the shooting, the Dallas Police Department named Joseph as a person of interest in their investigation. Joseph, and his lawyer, cooperated with investigators through-out and he has since been cleared.

The two other occupants of the black SUV are currently in jail on murder charges.

The Cowboys have stood by Joseph’s side during the murder investigation and were satisfied with his cooperation with law enforcement.

Joseph is expected to be available for the start of the Cowboys’ training camp, which takes place in Oxnard, California. The team had a gathering on Monday in which he was scheduled to attend.


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