Dallas Firefighter Arrested After Receiving Money For Fake Covid-19 Diagnosis


William Jordan Carter, a 38 year-old Dallas Firefighter, was apprehended on Friday.

Carter has been charged with felony theft. His bail was set at $1,500, and as of Monday, he had been released.

In the spring, Carter, who works at Fire Station 7,went on leave during three payroll cycles. He obtained $12,548.86 during that time.

Police say on March 24, he asked to be off because his wife tested positive for the Coronavirus. Then, the next week, he reported that his daughter caught the virus.

Two days before going back to work, he told the deputy chief that he had the virus. When asked for proof, he could not give it. He also couldn’t provide evidence of his family’s results.

He finally admitted that he lied because of “greed.”

Bank statements show money was spent at Kahalari Resort in Round Rock, a gift shop, and Buc-ee’s.

Carter is on administrative leave, pending an investigation.


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