Dallas Housing Authority Must Pay Former Tenant $500K In Housing Discrimination Settlement


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has said that they have reached an agreement with the Dallas Housing Authority (DHA). They have now required the DHA to pay $500,000 for a supposed housing discrimination violation in 2019.

An unidentified public housing tenant had filed a complaint which resulted in the agreement called Voluntary Compliance Agreement-Conciliation Agreement (VCC-CA).

HUD says that the tenant had been involved in a car wreck and had sustained extensive injuries. This made it difficult for her to go up stairs to get to her second-story apartment. Even though she requested to be moved to a ground-floor apartment, the DHA didn’t accommodate her needs. This left the tenant having to crawl up the stairs to her residence or leave her home. In December 2019, she filed a complaint against the DHA.

After claiming that the DHA tried to retaliate against her by inflicting an eviction, in March 2021, the tenant amended her complaint. Ultimately, the woman lost her housing.

HUD then began investigating and found that the DHA had violated Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans Disability Act, and the Fair Housing Act.

In the agreement, the DHA didn’t admit to any wrongdoing. However, the housing authority will be required to pay the ex-tenant $500,000 and get rid of any judgements they had against her. They must also pay $10,528 in civil penalties and revamp their accommodations’ guidelines. They will have to create an appropriate communication initiative for people with disabilities, as well.



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