Dallas Judge Faces Trouble After Telling Killer, “You Should Die In A Locked Closet”


Texas Commission of Judicial Conduct condemned a judge for a statement that he made.

Charles Wayne Phifer, 39, was sentenced to life without parole.

Judge Robert Burns III was a criminal district court judge with Dallas’ Fifth Court of Appeals.

Burns’ statements were “undignified and discourteous,” the commission noted.

In 2018, Phifer was given a life sentence for attacking 4 year-old, Leiliana Wright. Jeri Quezada, the girl’s mother, said that Phifer was her boyfriend at the time. She said that he struck Leiliana with a belt and a bamboo stick.

He then bound her and hung her from a rod in the living room where she died in 2016.

“Life in prison seems insufficient. Hanging a little girl in a closet is savage. You should die in a locked closet. Just if Texas had one, but they don’t have one for you, unfortunately.”

Burns was sanctioned for his statement in August.


  1. In support of Judge Burns, he is human first. secondly, i find him unbias in his compassion and or empathy. What happen to that child was atrocious! Judge is always calculated in his deliverance. In such temples as Judge Burns, they are often used as vessels. Therefore, this to shall pass. Judge Burns has done nothing that dishonored this man, more than the man’s own actions.


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