Dallas Jury Orders Spectrum Cable to Pay $7 Billion to Family of Murdered Irving Woman


Spectrum was court ordered to pay over $7 billion to the family of a woman who was murdered inside her home by one of their employees.

A Dallas County jury found the cable company liable for the 2019 killing of 83-year-old Betty Thomas. Thomas was murdered in her home by Roy Holden Jr., a Spectrum employee who returned the following day to her Irving home after installing cable for her.

After Holden murdered Thomas, he stole her credit cards and made numerous transactions on them. Holden pleaded guilty to murder and received a life sentence.

Following her death, the family of the 83-year-old woman sued Spectrum for not taking proper precautions and background screening their employees. The family’s lawyer noted that Holden had previous aggravated charges and also theft convictions.

$375 million in compensatory damages was ordered to be paid to the family, with Spectrum being responsible for 90% of those fees.

Following that ruling, jurors also found Spectrum grossly negligent and ordered the company to pay $7 billion to the family.



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