Dallas Man Arrested in Relation To Missing Monkeys From Zoo


Dallas police have taken a man into custody in relation to the Tamarin monkeys taken from the Dallas Zoo.

Authorities say that Davion Dwight Irvin was apprehended on Thursday afternoon, close to the Dallas World Aquarium. Dallas Police had been informed that he was in the Aquarium, close to an animal habitat and looking at the mesh enclosures.

Officials had been looking for Irvin. This was in order to speak to him after camera footage at the zoo showed him close to the monkeys. Coincidentally, the monkeys had gone missing around that time.

Police stopped Irvin near the Dallas Aquarium after employees told authorities what he was wearing. He was then taken to DPD headquarters and interviewed.

It was already reported that the monkeys were discovered in an empty church in Lancaster, earlier this week.

The pastor’s daughter, Tonya Thomas, stated that people who attend the church noticed Irvin from the community. He would also visit their new church location.

Thomas added that several break-ins had been happening at the empty church.

She disclosed that when authorities came and searched the empty church, they discovered birds, cats, and other small animals. This came after her father had contacted authorities, advising that they may want to look inside the church. This was because they thought the man in the picture could also be the one burglarizing their old church.

After Irvin was found on Thursday, he was placed in the Dallas County Jail on animal cruelty charges.

Police say that when they found the monkeys, they were located inside of a closet where it was 37 degrees in the building.

Sources have reported that zoo workers had seen Irvin in an area marked for staff only before the monkeys were taken.

They stated that he had been questioning them about a cloud leopard that had gone missing, close to three weeks ago. The leopard was later found close to its cage.

During that time, it had been discovered that a vulture had supposed stab wounds and some fish and other materials had been taken from the zoo.

Authorities are now investigating Irvin being involved in all of the offenses.


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