Dallas Man Pants-less On Freeway Unfazed By Mace And Taser After Murdering A Man In His Home


A video was shared on twitter of a Dallas man being arrested after trying to steal an 18-wheeler after crashing his vehicle on I-35.

Police arrived and asked the man to exit the 18-wheeler. The pants-less man cooperated and exited the 18-wheeler but started walking up on the officers. One of the officers responded by tasing him and the man was completely unfazed and still continued walking towards the officers. Another Officer starts to mace him, and the man is still completely unfazed by the taser and mace.

“Oh, he’s a beast he ate the whole can”, a bystander recording the video says.

Cars are slowing down and stopping on the highway trying to record and watch the scene.

Luckily, Officers were eventually able to get him down before wandering into traffic.

Police identified the man in the video as 27-year-old Ryan Glover.

Glover shot and killed Jacquan Hudson, 26, in his apartment on Winding Brook Circle in North Oak Cliff before fleeing away in his vehicle. He crashes his car into another and then exits the vehicle and proceeds to car jack a man at gun point. He assaults the man before taking his truck and driving away. After glover then crashes once again in the stolen truck. That is when he starts to approach the 18-wheeler that’s seen in the video.

The man gets into the passenger seat of the semi-truck and starts saying “help me”, according to investigators. He then started to hit the driver and that’s when security guards from a nearby business got involved.

The security guards and bystanders did not know glover had just murdered a man moments before.

Hudson was found on Glover’s couch with multiple gunshot wounds, according to police.

Glover is facing murder and other charges.


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