Dallas Police Arrest Second Suspect Who Stole 5 Amazon Vans, $15,000 Worth Of Packages


After being wanted for stealing five Amazon trucks, in North Texas, Mical Ford, 36, has been apprehended.

Dallas police say that Ford has been charged with four felony counts of theft of property and two counts of robbery. He also faces charges of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, and parole violation.

In March 2022, authorities said that Ford and Nakemia Bryant, 42, stole the Amazon trucks that contained packages. This continued for three months. In one instance, the pair assaulted a driver prior to taking off with the truck.

On March 25, Bryant was apprehended for driving while intoxicated in Balch Springs. As she was being questioned, she admitted to her part in stealing the five Amazon vans. She also named Ford as the other suspect.

The following day, police found many unopened Amazon packages inside of Bryant’s residence. They were said to be worth over $15,000.

At the end of March, DPD publicized a recording from inside of the cabin of two of the Amazon vans. It depicted Ford as the driver.

On June 30, a tip led authorities to Ford’s location. He was arrested and taken to the Dallas County Jail.


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