Dallas Police Department Seeking To Track Officers’ Interactions During Arrest


Police Strategies LLC is a company that has created a program called “Police Force Analysis System.”

Now, the Dallas Police Department would like to pay $1.4 million to have them use the program. This would be to study incident reports and police officers’ statements. With this system, the data that is collected would be able to be viewed by the public.

On Wednesday, DPD will attempt to get the go ahead from the Dallas City Council for the four-year contract.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia used the program when he was in charge of the San Jose, California Police Department. That department had the program and looked at how officers dealt with people being taken into custody. The numbers revealed a “downward trend.”

Proponents of the plan say the program will help repair the relationship between officers and citizens. Although the price is high, they think it is worth it.

The Police Force Analysis System would trace officers’ interactions by race, gender, and location.

Other Police Departments that have used the program have stated that it has helped with officer accountability and helps with transparency.

Currently, the system is used by 88 departments in 7 states.


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