Dallas Police Lieutenant Terminated After Participating In Pyramid Scheme


Recently, a Dallas police lieutenant was terminated for his supposed involvement with a pyramid scheme.

During a disciplinary hearing, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia fired Lieutenant Giovanni Wells. He is the first officer to be punished for being involved in a pyramid promotional scheme. However, other hearings regarding the pyramid scheme haven’t been heard at this time.

The department had already noted that at least 12 officers of DPD had been linked to the scheme. Three other officers were also known to be under criminal investigation in relation to their participation.

58-year-old Officer Reginald Jones was said to have started the scheme, called a “blessing circle,” at the department. He got others to join and pay money in order to get more money back in return.

Jones was said to have had people pay various amounts in ‘gift circles’ via Cash App. New participants were brought in by promises of  “blessings” from eight individuals if they brought in two new members.

Jones and other officers were put on leave in 2021 for their supposed participation in the scheme.


  1. If police officers could stop doing criminal stuff maybe they’d be better at their real job of fighting crime

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