Dallas Police Retrieve 42 Fake Paper License Plates In South Dallas In One Day


Last week, in just one day, Dallas police seized 42 fake paper license plate tags. They also distributed 49 tickets, all in an initiative with other agencies in the southern sector of the city.

Police say that they conducted 149 traffic stops, towed 11 cars, made three apprehensions, and recovered four weapons and two cars that had been stolen.

Cars that have paper tags are often associated with crimes such as murders and carjackings. Therefore, a plan was put into place to find those using the invalid plates, called eTags. When searching, officers try to locate eTags that are no longer valid or fake, reports say.

Additionally, Texas has a huge problem with the unlawful sale of paper tags. Thus, car dealers are making millions of dollars by selling them.

Although the plates are supposed to be used temporarily until the permanent plates come to those who have purchased a car, criminals are able buy invalid ones to keep their identity hidden.


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