Dallas Woman in Critical Condition After Being Shoved Out of Vehicle and Ran Over


The Dallas Police Department is searching for the driver of a black BMW X3 who pushed a woman out of his vehicle and ran her over, leaving her critically injured.

At around 7 a.m. on October 9th, 45-year-old Stephanie Whitlock is seen on video footage entering the BMW SUV. The driver drives around briefly and stops off Frank Street where Whitlock is pushed out of the vehicle.

She attempts to get back inside when she falls and hits her head on the concrete. Her head is then ran over by the right rear tire as the driver flees the scene.

Whitlock was transported to the hospital where she remains in critical condition. DPD Detective Cyr says it’s not looking like she will survive her injuries.

DPD says they believe the driver of the SUV is a black male with 2-inch dreads who goes by the name of G.G.


  1. I hope she survives only if she can be in her right mind and not a vegetable. Pray for a miracle from the Lord. And pray they catch this piece of trash that has no regards for a life! He needs the same thing done to him!!! Ppl will stop if you start giving same punishment!!!

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