Dallas Woman Robbed By Hinge Date For $10,000


A TikTok video went viral after a woman shared a story about being robbed by her hinge date she met in Dallas, Texas.

“I was robbed by someone that I trusted that I had met on Hinge, the dating app,” the TikTok user Natalia said in her viral TikTok video. “We’ve only known each other for like 12 days. Yes, I know I’m an idiot for inviting a man I didn’t know into my house multiple times in the last week and a half.”

They became official shortly after they met, according to the woman. She admitted to seeing many red flags, but still trusted him. The man ended up stealing $10,000 from her.

“I was trusting and very nice,” she said. “And he stole from me.”

She showed a picture of the man to warn other women in Dallas.

“He has a tattoo on his neck and tattoos on his arm,” she said. “Ladies if you see him, please don’t mess with him.”

Following the viral video, the TikTok user Natalia shares an update on the situation. She says she heard from a woman who claims the robber is her “baby daddy” and he has two children. The thief allegedly planned to take his baby mother on a shopping spree using the $10,000 he stole.

Natalia now says the robber is now sending threatening messages to her and begging her to not break up with him.

She has contacted the police and plans to get a lawyer.

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