Damar Hamlin Released From Hospital After Cardiac Arrest During NFL Game


Damar Hamlin, the Buffalos Bills’ safety, has gone back to Buffalo almost a week following being hospitalized at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. During a week 17 match against the Bengals, Hamlin had experienced a cardiac arrest.

Dr. William Knight reported that he was with Hamlin as he traveled to the airport on Monday morning. He stated that Hamlin was “doing well” and is at the “beginning of the next stage of his recovery.”

“We shared last time that we were with you that our ultimate goal was to get Damar back home to his amazing family and broader Buffalo family. Dr. Pitts and I are thrilled and proud on behalf of UC to report to you that Damar Hamlin has been released and returned back to Buffalo,” Dr. Knight added.

“He landed safely and is as standard as anybody who has gone through what he’s gone through this last week and certainly after flying on a plane. He is going to be observed and monitored to ensure that there is no impact on the flight of his condition or on his lungs.”

Hamlin has not been sent home as of yet; however, he is at another medical facility in Buffalo, doctors say.



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