Danny Masterson, “That ’70s Show” Actor, Found Guilty Of Rape


“That ’70s Show” actor, Danny Masterson, 47, has been found guilty of two counts of rape.

The verdict came on Wednesday, in Los Angeles, and Masterson will be sentenced to 30 years to life in prison. His sentencing phase will start on Aug. 4.

In October, Masterson pleaded not guilty which later ended with a mistrial since the jury couldn’t come up with a verdict. His lawyers attempt to get the case dropped, although they were unsuccessful, citing that three of the accusers weren’t credible.

In the last trial, the judge permitted more evidence to be shown. This entailed how Masterson drugged the women before raping them.

In 2020, Masterson had first been charged after victims said that the offenses occurred in 2001 and in 2003.

One of the unidentified victims stated that she had awaken to Masterson sexually assaulting her. Then, his ex testified that she had to pull the actor’s hair to get him off of her.

Masterson has continuously said that he is innocent of the rape accusations, stating that the occurrences were consensual.

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