Day Care Owner Arrested After 3 Toddlers Were Sent To Emergency Room And Tested Positive For THC


On Friday, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, in Virginia, stated that three toddlers were sent to an emergency room. This came after the children were showing “lethargic and unconditional behavior, as well as glossy, bloodshot eyes.”

Authorities say that the three, all of whom are 1-year-old, were showing signs of THC exposure.

When hospital workers tested the children, it was noted that they were, in fact, exposed to the psychoactive compound. Police say that all three children were enrolled at the same daycare at a residence in Windsor Forest.

When the daycare was searched, investigators located goldfish crackers, close to high chairs for children. The goldfish were tested, and THC was found inside them.

After Child Protective Services was contacted, the day care willingly surrendered its license. On April 14, the day care owner, Rebecca Swanner, 60, turned herself in to police. She faces charges for cruelty and injury to a child.

Swannner was released from jail on a $2,000 bond.


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