Day Care Owner Pleads Guilty After Shooting Husband Who Is Accused Of Molesting Kids


A day care owner in Baltimore, Maryland, has pleaded guilty to shooting her spouse in July, following abuse allegations of at least three children at her learning center.

Reports indicate that in the plea deal, prosecutors requested a two-year sentence and then probation.

Shanteari Weems owns a day care in Owing Mills named Lil Kidz Kastle Development Center.

On July 21, she shot James Weems, her husband and an ex-Baltimore County police officer. This occurred at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C.

When authorities arrived to the scene, they discovered James Weems with a gunshot injury.

“He’s a child molester,” Weems told police when they got to the hotel room.

It was said that she told officers that she and her spouse had been married for five years, and several parents of children at her center had claimed that James Weems had abused their kids.

When she confronted her husband about the matter, it resulted in a disagreement. Then, as he walked in her direction, she shot him, she told authorities.

Even though Shanteari said that she normally doesn’t carry a firearm, she said that she wasn’t attempting to kill him.

On October 19, Shanteari was indicted for aggravated assault knowingly while armed. Possession of a firearm during a violent crime, resisting arrest, and carrying a pistol without a license was also noted.

Shanteari Weems will receive her sentence on Feb. 3, 2023.



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