Denton Attorney Arrested After Walking Into Law Office And Trying To Fire A Handgun


A Denton attorney was arrested and charged after entering a law office and trying to fire a handgun.
According to reports Petrina L. Thompson,53 walked into the Martinez Legal Law office on the 400 block of South Carroll Blvd Friday and attempted to fire a handgun.
A 911 caller reported the call and when officers arrived Thompson had already fled the scene.
Police later caught up with Thompson and pulled her over on the 200 block of South Bell Avenue and found a jammed gun inside her vehicle.
Police believe Thompson went to the firm and intended to fire the handgun but it became jammed so she left.
The 911 caller told police she had recently been fired.
Thompson has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a bond set at $150,000.


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