Denton Doc’s Bail Bondsman Arrested After Kicking In Woman’s Front Door Without A Warrant


A woman is very concerned after a bail bondsman from Doc’s Bail Bonds in Denton kicked in her front door without a warrant.

The woman lives in Hutchins Gateway apartments located in Hutchins, Tx and said a man claiming to be a bail bondsman came to her home last week looking for her father.

After she informed the man that her father did not reside with her he left.

Yesterday the woman said authorities came to her home, knocked on her door and when she did not answer they left. About 10 minutes later she said the bail bondsman come to her apartment with two women from the leasing office.

A woman handed the man a key to her apartment without a warrant or probable cause so the man could enter the apartment. When they learned the top lock was locked he kicked in the front door.

Once inside the apartment the man questioned the woman’s two young children who were in the living room alone. He also threatened to search the woman’s home without a search warrant.

The man who was later identified as Reginald Spellman was arrested and charged with breaking and entering. He also threatened to come back to her apartment the next day when he got out of jail.

When the woman contacted Doc’s bail bonds they informed her that Spellman was in jail.

Since the incident no one has taken responsibility for the actions of the bail bonds company or her apartment complex.

The woman spoke with her apartment complex and asked to be moved to a new unit. The apartments told her they wouldn’t have any available units until July 15. She also spoke with authorities and they told her if he came back to file a restraining order.


  1. He is always doing that . He came was in my house in the washroom looking for another chick … Had grabbed me I told him he had the wrong person … Bunny rabbit suit wearing ass

    • That’s far from, “That’s it.” It’s breaking and entering, she could have shot him if she had a gun and back home with her kids there afterwards.

    • He definitely could have been shot, and she could have gone back home to her kids right after. She would have been within her rights to do it..

  2. As an attorney there are 2 things i can assure you. First og all the apartment employee who provided the key needs to be arrested. She gave the means to break entering. This man was not a cop and had no legal right to enter her home. Thr leasing agent put her and her children in harms way. Second of all she has leadway to sue the man plus the company he works for and i assure you his surety company eould not be happy. The surety compnay is over thr bail compnay she can sue them also the complex employee and the property managment company . She will come out with enough to buy her own house and then some

  3. She needs to lawyer up asap. Since he already threatened to come back, can’t he be charged with intimidation and harassment as well.
    Sounds like she has alot behind her for a case….

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