Deputies Arrest Suspected Drug Dealer In Possession Of 42 Pounds Of Cocaine


A suspected drug dealer was arrested in California after officers seized over $700,000 worth of, what is believed to be cocaine.

San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies were investigating a suspected drug sales in Grand Terrace, when they encountered 40-year-old Ulises Solis Diaz.

During the investigation deputies learned that Diaz had multiple active warrants and was in possession of a large amount of drug paraphernalia.

While searching Diaz’s vehicle deputies found a large amount of what is believed to be fentanyl pills, ammunition, and a “Slim Jim” tool.

They also found a key to a second vehicle that contained around nineteen brick shape packages containing a white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine, and multiple scales indicative to the sales of narcotics.

Diaz was arrested and booked into into the Central Detention Center for suspicion of possession of narcotics for sales. His bond is set at $2,050,000.


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