DeSoto City Councilmember Dinah Marks Issues Public Dissent After Winning The Vote For The Mayor Pro Tempore Position But Then Having It Taken Away


Dr. Dinah Marks, Desoto City Councilmember, Place 5, City of DeSoto, Texas, has expressed her public dissent of what she has said was an improper handling of the Mayor Pro Tempore selection method.

This was managed by the City of DeSoto Mayor and City Councilmembers on May 21, 2024. However, in a written letter to the mayor, Rachel L. Proctor, and other councilmembers, Marks says that Roberts Rules of Order and Council Rules/Policies/ and procedures were not followed.

Marks noted that in 2023, councilmembers received training on Roberts Rules of Order. This was so that everyone would be informed on how to manage meetings effectively and how to make decisions as a group. Not only that, but she says that at every councilmembers’ workstation there is a short description of how- to bring motions.

On May 21, 2024, the interim city manager provided instructions for how to vote. This included that they could vote for themselves. It was also stated that voting would come to an end once one candidate had received the majority of the votes on the first ballot.

Marks added that she had gotten the majority of the vote on the first ballot. Thus, she says that during the council meeting, she was duly elected Mayor Pro Tempore. This was done by a vote of 4-3. (Yes=Marks, Parker, Hughes, Raphiel). (No=Proctor, Byrd, Chism).

Marks says that although the procedures were clearly explained before the vote and her majority win, Mayor Proctor told the council that Councilmember Hughes had voted incorrectly. But, this should have been stated by Hughes, not the mayor, Marks continued to say.

Afterwards, the city attorney advised Mayor Proctor to continue without a formal motion. Proctor then held the voting process over again, Marks says.

She noted that when that occurred, Hughes voted “No” and became the Mayor Pro Tempore.

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