Detransitioner Sues Doctors For Approving Her To Have Breast Removal Surgery


A woman who used to identify as nonbinary has filed a lawsuit against the professionals that allowed her to have  gender-affirming surgery.

32-year-old Camille Kiefel has sued social worker Amy Ruff, mental health therapist Mara Burmeister, and their clinics for approving her to get a double mastectomy following two visits. Both visits occurred via Zoom in May and in June prior to the surgery that happened in August of 2020.

Kiefel is looking for $850,000 in damages from Ruff, Burneister, the Brave Space Oregon, and the Quest Center for Integrative Health.

Camille’s complaint states that those mentioned gave her “unnecessary, irreversible treatment,” without taking in consideration her own mental health issues. Kiefel says that she had reported having an anxiety disorder, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

She also noted that she reported post-surgery issues, including problems with swallowing and nausea treatment that resulted in scopolamine poisoning because of a patch behind the ear. Her pupils had also been dilating for a month.

“My dad told me how men talked about girls because he wanted to protect me and to get me to dress more conservatively. But it made my anxiety worse. All that really screwed me up. I remember I was even afraid to be alone,” Keifel expressed in an interview.

Before her surgery, Kiefel minored in gender studies at Portland State University and later identified as nonbinary. She found out about top surgery when she found the website of Gender Confirmation Center.

Kiefel now identifies as a woman as her lawsuit has been filed in Oregon State Courts.


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