Devastated father attacked his 3 year old son’s killer in court


A distraught dad attacked his son’s accused killer in an Ohio courtroom on Thursday morning.

Desean Brown, 22, is accused of fatally stabbing Nyteisha Lattimore before throwing her 3-year-old son, Nylo Lattimore, into the Ohio River where he drowned in December 2020.

Hughes is seen sneaking up behind Brown, who is handcuffed at a table, and punches him multiple times.

Hughes continues to pummel Brown with his fists while two female deputies struggle to restrain him.

The two women eventually tackled Hughes to the floor where he apparently calmed down.

Male deputies then enter the courtroom. Hughes again goes after Brown while being restrained by three large male deputies.

Brown was removed from the courtroom for his own protection.

Nyteisha with Nylo Lattimore and Desean Brown Photo: Facebook; Cincinnati Police Department

Judge Megan Shanahan held Hughes in contempt of court and sentenced him to seven days in county jail.

“Judge Megan Shanahan and the Hamilton Sheriff’s Office would like to emphasize that this behavior will not be tolerated in the courthouse,” Hamilton County Sheriff’s PIO Kyla Woods said.

“Everything inside him, just the pain, and everything took over,” said family friend Faith Burton. “He did what I think any of us would do.”

Burton explained that Hughes is having a difficult time getting over the death of his son.

“I’ve had to be on late-night calls because he’s on the edge, you know?” Burton said. “He’s on the verge. Is he going to hurt himself?”

She continued: “I couldn’t live without my child either, you know? So I get his emotions, I get why he acted out in court today.”


  1. Wherever they send him, he needs to be put in a cell with the meanest and toughest strongest men that they tear him to pieces.


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