Doctor Captured On Camera Poisoning Husband By Putting Drain Cleaner In Drink


Last week, a dermatologist in Southern California was arrested for claims that she poisoned her husband.

53-year-old Jack Chen has said that his wife, 45-year-old Yue “Emily” Yu, poisoned him with the drain cleaner, Drano. He says the poisoning occurred three different times in the month of July. The husband even captured the incident on a recording and handed the evidence over to authorities.

Yu’s lawyer has said that the claims against her are absolutely untrue.

Court documents show that Chen had become ill for about a month and believed that his wife had been putting the Drano in his tea and lemonade.

After authorities reviewed camera footage and acted on a search warrant, Yu was apprehended.

She was placed in the Orange County Jail; however, no charges have been filed, as of yet. On August 5, she posted bond and was released.

After the alleged poisoning, Chen is said to be recovering from his internal injuries.

Chen, who is a radiologist, has filed a domestic violence temporary restraining order. This is to protect himself and his children from his wife of 10 years. The husband has said that Yu has been mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive to him and their children.

Chen is now looking for sole custody of their two kids.

Yu has denied any wrongdoing. She and her attorney believe that Chen accused her of poisoning him in order to have an upper hand in their divorce and custody matters.


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