Dolly Parton Spends Royalties From Whitney Houston Song on Black Community


Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” netted $10 million worth of royalties for Dolly Parton in the 90’s. Moreover, it continues to bring in money today.

Now, Dolly is using the money to assist a black neighborhood in Nashville. She has purchased a strip mall. Her aim is to connect with the black community just as Houston would.

“It was a whole strip mall, and I thought this is the perfect place for me to be. Considering it was Whitney, so I just thought ‘This is great. I’m just going to be down here with her people, who are my people, as well. I love the fact that I spent that money on a complex, and I think, ‘This is the house that Whitney built, ‘” Parton stated.

Parton put $1 million into the investment of the Modern vaccine. She is also a proponent of the Black Lives Movement.



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