DoorDash Driver Eats Customer’s Order And Leaves Note Attached


A DoorDash customer angrily took to TikTok, saying that a delivery driver ate his whole WingStop order. The driver left a remorseful note, saying that he was “broke and hungry.”

The user, @thesuedeshow, uploaded a recording, depicting all of his wings with no meat on them. There was also a note attached, from the driver, explaining that he had eaten all of it.

“I’m sorry I 8 Cho food. I’m broke and hungry. Consider it like ur paying it 4ward. I’m quitting this lame a– job N E way. B blessed,” the note allegedly stated. It was signed by, ‘Your Door Dash Guy.’

“I cannot make this up. Here I am, ordering some WingStop, and in my bag, I get this,” the TikToker stated.

The August video has been viewed over 230,000 times.

Some people offered advice on what the man should do in the matter.

“Call the customer service of DD. I’ve had food stolen from me before and had the order canceled by the driver right after. You’ll get a refund.”

Someone else wrote, “I would be sooo mad but also send that to DoorDash. They’ll refund you.”

Later, the TikToker user said that he did speak with the DoorDash driver and was given a refund and a credit for the occurrence.



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