Dr. Dre Will Pay Ex-Wife $3.5 Million Per Year


Dr. Dre will have to pay his ex-wife, Nicole Young, nearly $300,000 a month in spousal support. The order is temporary and payments are due to Young by the first of every month. In total, she would be receiving $3,519,672 per year, excluding health insurance.

The payments will keep going “until the party receiving support remarries or new domestic partnership, death of either party.”

Dr. Dre has expressed his opposition citing a prenuptial agreement that would make his businesses separate property.

Young has said that Dre.Dre has $262 million in cash that is available to him and Apple stock. She stated that they usually spent $2.3 million a month. She told the judge she desires to keep the same lifestyle that they have been living.

For now the payments will begin Aug.1st until a lump sum payout amount is agreed upon.


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