Escaped Connecticut Inmate Captured During His Own Birthday In Georgia


An escaped Connecticut inmate was arrested in Henry County, Georgia Saturday while celebrating his birthday.

Forenza Hakeem Murphy, 31 was serving a 4 year sentence for robbery at the Connecticut Department of Corrections Halfway House when he escaped.

On Saturday October 1, around 4 p.m. sheriffs received word that Murphy was in town with family members celebrating his birthday.

They made way to the residence and arrested Murphy without incident. He was booked in to Henry County Jail.

Murphy will face additional charges along with his previous robbery charges. He has been on the run since August 8, 2022.


  1. He was in a HALFWAY HOUSE. So he has served his sentence, and released to the Halfway House. Guess he didn’t want to celebrate his Birthday at the Salvation Army halfway house.


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