Escaped Prisoner Who Went Unnoticed For Days is Captured in Vegas


The prisoner who escaped from a Nevada correctional facility on Friday and went unnoticed until Tuesday morning was captured on Wednesday night.

Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, who was serving a life sentence for murder when he escaped, was taken back into custody after he was spotted near downtown Las Vegas. Officials believe Duarte-Herrera, a Mexican immigrant, was planning to take a shuttle to Mexico from one of the businesses that offer the services nearby.

Duarte-Herrera was convicted of first-degree murder in 2009 for the death of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, Willebaldo Dorantes Antonio.

Duarte-Herrera and his co-defendant, Omar Rueda-Denvers, planted a pipe bomb on a car parked in a hotel garage in 2007. The targeted victims were the ex-girlfriend and Antonio, however, only Antonio was fatally injured when the bomb detonated. The ex-girlfriend was unharmed.

Both Duarte-Herrera and Rueda-Denvers were convicted and each sentenced to life in prison.

The 42-year-old escaped from the Southern Desert Correctional Center in Nevada sometime late Friday night. It wasn’t until Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. headcount that prison officials at the medium-security facility noticed he was missing.

Duarte-Herrera was on-the-run for 5 days before he was captured.


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