Ex-High School Basketball Star Fatally Shot In Driveway


A mother is in mourning and an investigation has begun after a woman in Maywood, Illinois, was fatally shot on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities say that the 22-year-old was discovered laying face down on the grass after witnesses heard gunshots.

Dyanla Rainey has been identified as the victim. She is an ex-high school basketball star who has managed a day care with her twin sister for the past three years.

Authorities haven’t released an official cause of death. They had come to the 700 block of 6th Ave., close 2 p.m. Then, paramedics took Rainey to Loyola Medical University Hospital. She was later declared deceased.

Margo Rainey, Dyanla’s mother, remembered the last minutes of her daughter’s life.

“I was parked right here. I had just pulled up, and I saw her pull up. Next thing, I know, I was on the phone. I heard a pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. I turned and looked  around and there was a guy outside of her car shooting,” she said.

Authorities said that Rainey was shot three times in the back after a man jumped out of a car as she was parked in a driveway.

The mother added that as she sprinted towards her daughter, she witnessed her get out of her vehicle and fall down in the grass.

Rainey has been remembered for her work ethic and skills on the basketball court. In 2018, her and her twin sister assisted Marshall High School to a Class 2A Girls Basketball State Championship.

Now, Margo Rainey is hoping that whoever is responsible for her daughter’s death will come forward.

On August 1, Dyanla Rainey will be put to rest.

“Dede was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. We don’t know if they mistook her for somebody else,” her cousin stated.


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