Ex-Husband Shoots And Kills Two People And Injures Two Others During Thanksgiving Dinner


On Thursday night, an ex-spouse is said to have gone to a home near Houston and shot four individuals that were celebrating Thanksgiving. Two people died, and two others were injured.

A man and a woman were declared deceased at the scene. Another man was in critical condition at a medical facility, and a 15-year-old boy was in stable condition at a hospital, authorities say.

A suspect hasn’t been named, and no apprehensions were immediately made. However, it is thought that the suspect is the ex-husband of the woman who died.

“There were four people inside of the house. As soon as they heard the shooting, they ran to the rooms for safety. The suspect discharged multiple rounds and even reloaded his weapon at the scene, officials say.

Friends also attended the dinner, and police don’t know if the victims were family members or who owns the home.


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