Ex-NBA Player Delonte West Gets Flooring Job After Panhandling Near Car Dealership


Delonte West has said that he was looking for employment, and it seems as though he has found it.

This week, the former NBA star got a flooring job. This came after some people had heard about his struggles and decided to help out.

It was previously reported that West has had mental health and addiction concerns. He has been attempting to better himself, he stated earlier this week, but was in between jobs.

Sources say that workers at a car dealership, Beyer Subaru, in Alexandria, Virginia, had heard about West’s situation. They also heard about him panhandling, close by their location. So, they figured out a way to help him make money.

Because the dealership is having work done on their floor, they requested that the company that was hired have West to assist.

The company was fine with the extra assistance, and West has been working for two days.

It is said that West has been doing an excellent job. He has also been courteous to the crew, discussing stories and chatting throughout the day.


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