Ex-Police Detective Gets Life Sentence In 2020 “Love Triangle” Fatal Shooting


An ex-Birmingham police detective has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

42-year-old Alfreda Fluker was found guilty of capital murder in November. This was for the “love triangle” fatal shooting of 43-year-old Kanisha Fuller, and the attempted murder of Mario White. He was Fluker’s police partner and common-law husband.

The incident occurred in Germania Park, in 2020, in Birmingham.

“No one is above the law. We hope that this sentence today finally gives the victim’s family some peace,” stated DA Danny Carr.

Prosecutors had said that Fluker was “intentional, cold, calculated, and exact” when she discovered Fuller and White together in White’s city car. She then fired her service weapon at the SUV.

However, defense lawyers said that Fluker was angry when she saw White and Fuller having sex in the SUV. She then shot in the heat of passion, not meaning to injury or kill anybody.

Fuller, a 43-year-old mother, died a little while after that. White was not hurt and eventually quit his job.

Fluker has been in the Jefferson County Jail since she was apprehended on April 11, 2020. She was immediately terminated from the police department.

During the trial, Fluker said that she had been in a disagreement with White when he got ready to leave their home at about 10 p.m. He had taken a shower, a Viagara pill, and had spayed on cologne.

She added that the disagreement became physical, White left, and she tracked him to the park where she found him and Fuller having sex.

White stated in court that the two had just ben talking.

Fluker said that her and White got into a physical altercation again when she went to get her gun out of the car and began shooting.

“I wanted Mario to stop playing with me. I wanted him to respect me,” Fluker testified. She said that she told White that they needed to get Fuller to a hospital, but he objected, saying they couldn’t leave her truck in the park and that she couldn’t talk.

Fluker said that she asked Fuller if she was okay, which responded, ‘yea.’ She then left and didn’t call anyone for assistance. She traveled to her mother’s residence where she was apprehended the next morning.

Officials testified that Fuller had been shot in the leg, arm, and head. The head wound, said to have caused a horrible brain injury, caused her death.



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