Ex-School Dean, Linked To A Gang, Ordered To Pay $10 Million To Student He Shot


Shaun “Rev” Harrison is an ex-English high school dean in Boston, MA. A judge has now ruled that he must pay over $10 million in damages to a former student. This comes after he was convicted of attempting to kill him in a disagreement over drug sales.

The default judgment includes $7.5 million in damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress. $2.5 million is for punitive damages, and over $80,000 is for the victim’s medical expenses.

In 2018, Harrison was convicted of assault and other offenses in state court. He was given a 26-year prison sentence.

Harrison had been the dean of academics where he managed and mentored students. He also was a community activist and youth minister.

However, authorities say that he had another life, as well. Harrison was connected to the violent Latin Kings gang. This is where he got his students to sell drugs for him and had a gun in his possession at his residence.

Harrison has stated that he is innocent, reporting that he never “lived a double life.”

In March 2015, the victim, a 17-year-old, was shot in the back of the head. This was subsequent to Harrison getting him to sell drugs for him.

The bullet had fractured the victim’s jaw, almost hitting his brain stem and carotid artery. It resulted in two surgeries, his jaw being wired closed for nine months, and partial facial paralysis. He also has facial neuropathy, hearing loss, and needs weights on his eyelids to assist with opening and closing his eyes. There is a bullet that still remains in his head, and he is now addicted to the opioid used to treat his pain.

It isn’t known if the victim will ever receive any funds from Harrison.

The Boston Public Schools was also identified as a defendant. However, the judge dropped the case against the system. Thus, an appeal has been put into motion.


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