Ex-Worker Of Business Charged After Face Mask Comes Off During Robbery


25-year-old Natasha Otero, of Gastonia, North Carolina, has been charged with armed robbery after her face mask came off during a robbery.

The woman was recognized as a former employee of the place that she was robbing, authorities say.

She was apprehended on December 27, 2022.

Officers said that in October, they were summoned to a business on South York Road in relation to a robbery.

When it was first investigated, a worker told authorities that a woman with a mask on came into the store with a firearm.

The suspect had demanded money and hit the worker on the head with the gun.

As the assault was taking place, the suspect’s face mask came off. The assaulted worker immediately knew that the suspect was Otero, police say.

Otero quickly left the location, leaving behind the face mask and firearm.

Otero was able to evade arrest for almost two months. She was finally arrested on December 27 after being caught stealing from a local store.


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