Facebook Prohibits Material That Sexually Harrasses Public Figures


On Wednesday, Facebook publicized that it will begin to remove “severe sexualizing content” aimed at public figures. This is a part of their new bullying and harassment regulations.

Material containing profiles, pages, groups, or events directed at sexualizing celebrities, politicians, and content creators will be removed. Sexualized photoshops, drawings, and any demeaning material “in the process of bodily functions” will be prohibited. Unwanted sexual commentary will be taken down, too.

Last week, a whistleblower testified in court in front of Congress. Then, it is was said that Facebook executives had knowledge about the harm that users could go through on the site. This includes teenagers.

The new policy will also ban large, coordinated attacks on users that are at a “heighten risk of offline harm.”  This is even if it doesn’t specifically go against the site’s content rules.



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