Facebook Will Pay Creators To Use Post Malone’s Music In Videos


Meta has created a new feature called Music Revenue Sharing, which lets creators make money from Facebook videos that contain music from Post Malone and Tove Lo. They have described the feature as “a new way to earn money with popular music.”

Creators will get a licensed library of music and can make money with the videos that have the identified music with ads. Creators can receive 20% of the ads’ earnings. The remainder of the funds would go to Meta and the music rights holders.

In order to take part, videos have to be at least one minute long, and the video itself can’t be the creators main focus. If a video isn’t licensed, it will be muted or blocked. If it occurs continuously, a creators account can be disabled.

Billboard has reported that Meta is too large to ignore. However, the company will have to maintain an effective music library to be able to compete with YouTube and TikTok.


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