Family Asking For Answers After 4 Year Old Boy Drowns During Swimming Lessons


A Georgia family is asking for answers after a 4 year old drowned during swimming lessons last month.

On June 13, Dori Scott drove her son, Israel “Izzy” Scott, to his very first swimming lesson. Scott chose an instructor by the name of Lexie TenHuisen. She was also the operator of “Swim With Lexie,” who had taught his older sister a couple years ago.

When ms. Scott went to take her son to his swim lesson she was told that parents were not allowed to stay during lessons. She then went and sat inside her car until the swim class was over.

On June 14, Izzy was a little reluctant to attend his second class and even asked his mom ‘what if I drown’. Ms. Scott said she reassured her son that he would not drown and that everything would be ok.

While sitting inside her vehicle during swim lessons she says another parent frantically approached her car and told her to go and check on her son.

Once inside the gate she said she saw her son lying on the side of the pool unresponsive with parents performing cpr. “I said, ‘What happened?’ and (Lexie) said, ‘I don’t know’. “It felt like a dream … a mother’s worst nightmare.”

When emergency crews arrived Izzy was transported to Burke Medical Center in Waynesboro, then Children’s Medical Center in Augusta. On June 15 he was pronounced dead.

According to reports the class had about nine children ranging from ages 4 and 10. Izzy somehow got into the deep end undetected during the lesson.

TenHuisen‘s granddaughter noticed Izzy floating in the pool and notified an instructor, who was drying off in the deck. The instructor immediately jumped into the water to save him.

The family has since hired attorney Lee Merritt to help them with this case although they have not filed a lawsuit at this time. They are still in the fact finding phase and will let Merritt and his team determine what will happen next.

TenHuisen has been teaching swimming for 49 years and issued a refund to Scott’s family for that session.


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