Family Awarded $21 Million After Pregnant Teen Was Fatally Shot By Police


Five years ago, a pregnant teen was fatally shot by undercover officers in Northern California. Now, officers and a suspect will have to pay the woman’s family $21 million.

In March 2017, Elena Mondragon was riding in a BMW. It had pulled out from an apartment complex. Fremont officers attempted to cut it off in their unmarked van. The driver had been named as Rico Tiger, 19.

Fremont police officers stated that Tiger had been wanted by authorities for multiple robberies. They added that Tiger had slammed his vehicle into the van.

Mondragon, 16, was fatally shot after being hit by four bullets when police opened fire. She was a passenger in the vehicle and was in the first trimester of her pregnancy. Her family discovered that at that time.

Tiger crashed the car and ran from the location. He was later found and apprehended.

Officers Sgt. Jeremy Miskella, Detective Joel Hernandez, and Officer Ghailan Chahouati were previously ruled to be justified in the shooting.

The family says that the incident stemmed from “a botched covert arrest operation” in their civil rights and wrongful death claim.

The family’s lawyer has called Friday’s judgement “a tremendous verdict for the family.”



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